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I often introduce myself this way: "Hi. I'm Steve, the Preacher at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek." People smile, but it's true. A few years ago, some friends and I decided it was time to have a church that fit right into our western community. So we began to meet at the Buffalo Chip Saloon. We meet outdoors. Some of us dress western-style. A few of us bring dogs. It's as casual and comfortable as sitting on your back porch. We like it that way. Our music is a mix of old and new, often with a bluegrass flavor, always with guitars and harmonica. We pitch it low enough for a guy to sing along without hitching up his pants, and simple enough to join in the first time you visit. We teach from the Bible. We believe that it tells the true story of God's loving rescue plan for the beautiful world he made. (It centers on Jesus, of course.) Oh, and because we meet at the Buffalo Chip Saloon, most people just call us "Church at the Chip." We&#

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